Determine your Impact with Analytics

Sustainability analytics can help companies, governments and not-for-profits understand the cost, impact, and performance of their past and present sustainability initiatives and anticipate future conditions and requirements, helping them unlock hidden value and build a more resilient ecosystem.

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Leverage Data Analytics as a Key Sustainability Enabler

Data science can be leveraged in various ways to enable sustainable development starting from measuring impact, managing resources, climate change, supplier benchmarking, and health & equality. Our analytics helps investors choose to stay away from polluters and invest towards socially responsible companies helps finance sustainable business practices and pressure laggards to do more.

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Supplier Intelligence

AI-powered classification, combined with extensive procurement expertise, helps in gaining value from supplier data.


SYNE combines deep insights from multiple exposure factors including business models, financial strength and geography.

Impact Intelligence

Impact measurements help organisations plan better, implement effectively, and bring initiatives to scale successfully.

Risk Analytics

Predictive risk can solve complex challenges with ESG Risk, Investments, Suppliers and support strategic decision-making.

Bridging the gaps between Creativity, Intelligence and Innovation.

SYNE works closely with global communities to lessen their environmental and social impact and position
themselves for strong growth. SYNE helps organisations design, engineer and deploy sustainable
intelligence ecosystems based on machine learning and behavioural science.

Supplier Intelligence

We help small to large business organisations transform with data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Supplier Benchmarking

Benchmarking helps analyze market volatility in pricing, supply and demand as it impacts the procurement budget.

Climate Change

Businesses need to shift their focus to include supply chains, where the biggest climate risks and opportunities are found.

Modern Slavery

SYNE engages directly with suppliers and ensures that their supply chains remain free from human rights violations at every level.

ESG Measurements

We measure ESG risks based on multiple industry factors with risk severity that could impact a company’s enterprise value.

Regulatory Risk

Analytics based on risks to assist in the planning and allocation of compliance to financial instruments and legislation.

Contributing to the Sustainable Futures through Data.

Sustainability analytics can help companies reduce resource use, making them less vulnerable to
price and supply volatility. It can also help them anticipate future changes in supply, demand, and
price, so they can hedge their resource purchases and lock in supplies at lower prices.

With advanced analytics, a company has the hard data to show prospective business partners and
customers that its sustainability practices are more than just talk. The latest tools also include
modeling and scenario analysis that can help you understand the complex interplay of economic,
social, and environmental factors that affect your future sustainability strategies and performance.

We will have to change our behaviour to reduce our negative impact on the planet and thereby social impact. However, changing consumption patterns to purchase more sustainable products can be difficult. Researching and comparing options is time-consuming, therefore often creating barriers to sustainable choices.

Sustainability Analytics

Our sustainability and impact measurement tools incorporate United Nations supported Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We integrated SDG goals into our quality-based assessment framework to examine a company's mission alignment and impact. Our work with clients ranges from Impact-as-a-Service to Sustainability Analytics to ensure that investors make valuable and return-based impact.

ESG Impact Analytics

With the increasing importance of sustainability, organisations are looking to drive systematic improvements across their value chain by leveraging solutions that enables analytical interventions to deliver end-to-end sustainability. Organizations need data and analytics as a key enabler to move from managing impacts to the entire value chain and total impact perspective.

Supplier Intelligence

Enterprise procurement and compliance teams are always under pressure to deal with an increasing variety of changes in the market. It is even more important now for companies to proactively monitor supplier relationships since third-party risk exposure is impacted by rapidly scaling complexity as well as diverse, complicated regulations.

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SYNE makes things happen by weaving technology along with the human touch, providing for all requirements in digital financial services and helps design custom packages for businesses.

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Social Impact

SYNE provides a borderless social impact platform to help raise funds, personalized communities and share common interest stories.


The world has entered a new era of Impact-as-a-Service and we are determined to change the way we all approach Philanthropy.