Our mission is to accelerate growth for a sustainable impact economy.

SYNE is a Sustainable Technology company with the world's first 360 degree platform which analyzes, measures, optimizes, benchmark and offsets emissions directly using financial, environmental and social technologies. Our solutions are
rooted in code and data sciences to accelerate economic growth for a sustainable impact economy.

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Accelerate Sustainability through Emissions Reduction

There are a number of ways to capture carbon and currently organizations are focused on planting trees or soil carbon sequestration. These solutions alone are unlikely to scale to the size of the problem that we have.

We need more sustainable, environmental technologies and solutions to reduce the current emissions and improve the ways we store carbon. We have to scale up to a larger gigaton portfolio to permanently remove carbon footprint - from the atmosphere, ocean and from our behavior.

SYNE is connecting suppliers and customers through our unified platform to enable this change - which will aggregate the demand and supply pool. We are focused on scalable permanent solutions which are sustainable to achieve Net Positive change.

Carbon Emissions and Climate forecast for 100 years.

Unified Solution rooted in Code and Data Science

At SYNE, we are removing the complexities for your sustainability journey for social impact using artificial intelligence and machine learning. We are working with institutions, regulators, networks and organizations to help you
accelerate economic growth.


Accelerate economic growth with an easy to use AI powered technology platform which is safe, secure and scalable for your sustainability impact.

SYNE Financials

Discover actionable insights on financials and measure sustainability - from financial accounting to supplier management in auto-pilot.

Impact Investing

Generate a net positive social and environmental impact with financial returns through long term sustainable impact investments.

Social Impact

Manage and optimize your offset with social impact projects, challenges, community engagements and events based on SDGs.

Sustainability Technology Solution for businesses of all size

Analyze, Measure, Optimize, Benchmark and Offset your business impact - from Start-ups to Enterprises, Not-for-Profits to Investor Houses, Local Councils to Federal Governments with our data driven cost effective platform for collective impact.

360 Degree Solution to Accelerate Sustainability

We connect the production, consumption, suppliers, investments and people engagement for enabling long term sustainability.

What We Do

SYNE is a modern 360 degree software-as-a-service platform to analyze, measure and optimize sustainability based on SYNE Index. Our unified platform is underpinned by data driven methodologies and a global framework for Net Positive change - built on powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning models.

How We Do

We help organizations identify impact value chains to reduce emissions footprint, accelerate growth through new opportunities and strategies for green shift using our data driven benchmarking methodology. SYNE platform is built on global accounting standards and risk management principles to enable Sustainability Measurement with Accountability, Responsibility and Transparency.

Collectively we can change this World.

Human emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (GHGs) are the primary driver of climate change and one of the world’s most pressing challenges today. Changing climate has a range of potential ecological, physical and health impacts, including extreme weather events, sea-level rise, altered crop growth and disrupted water systems.


SYNE Pledge

SYNE has pledged 2% of our unified platform licenses, employee engagement time and financial profits to create long-term sustainable social impact.


Industries Coverage

SYNE covers major industries in your business from technology to financial services, materials to transportation, energy to healthcare for holistic coverage.

1 Million

Data Points

Our Platform is rooted in code and data science, enabling accuracy for analyzing, measuring, optimizing and benchmarking sustainable social impact.


Our Locations

SYNE operations are spread worldwide - managed from seven countries in four different continents and we assure 24x7 support in 26 countries.

How to Get Started?

Join us in solving humanity’s biggest challenges through sustainability technologies. Collectively we can change this World.

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Our Philanthropy

Our philanthropy mission is focused on improving life on land, enabling better education and economic prosperity through technology solutions.

SYNE Careers

SYNE is yet to spread its wings – we are on a growth trajectory with a growing team of talented individuals, dedicated to our philosophy.