Unify Social Impact
with Revenue Management

Accelerate social impact with growth in revenues and engagement with people, communities and organizations to design, engineer and deploy sustainable solutions for the future. Collectively, we can create exponential change through impact engagements by synergizing ideas.

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SYNE Financials

Discover actionable insights on financials and sustainability with our financial cloud - from financial accounting, invoicing, billing, budgeting, inventory, sales, payments, supplier management and customer relationship management.

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SYNE Sustainability

Accelerate economic growth with an easy to use artificial intelligence powered technology platform which is safe, secure and scalable in the cloud infrastructure to analyze, measure, optimize and benchmark your sustainability impact.

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SYNE Social Impact

Manage and optimize your sustainability offset with social impact projects, challenges, community engagements and events based on sustainable development goals or based on your choices with employee engagement in auto-pilot.

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Accelerate Social Impact with Sustainable Communities

SYNE is powering you with necessary technology tools to engage, measure and optimize social impact in the complex value chain which requires accountability, responsibility and transparency. Be the change maker to bring people and communities closer together on decarbonisation for a green economy.

Enable your social impact engagements for sustainability offset to businesses and governments based on UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in auto-pilot.

Be the changemaker in your community and organization by driving social impact projects, challenges, events and building sustainable communities to bring like-minded humans.

Enable opportunities for people engagement - social innovations, volunteering and build impact circles for a positive sustainable social impact.

Supercharge your sustainability journey by embedding social impact giving from corporates, investors and individuals with competitive match funding based on SDGs.

Gain impact grants and funding based on artificial intelligence and machine learning based on your organizational sustainability engagements with communities.

Measure your sustainable social impact score based on projects, challenges, communities, engagements, SDGs and the effective social change in autopilot.

SYNE, the Unified Platform for People, Planet and Prosperity

Accelerate growth with significant cost advantage, digital funding and invoicing ecosystem, integrated communities and corporate engagement management - powered with our data driven platform for a net positive change. Create Prosperity for People and the Planet with impact offsets in autopilot.

Funding & Invoicing

Raise funds for social impact projects from communities, businesses and networks using integrated digital invoicing financial system.

Impact Investing

Accelerate your engagements for gaining sustainable impact investments from businesses, investors, investment houses for an impact economy.

SYNE Circles

Build communities for innovative thinking to solve the global challenges and overcome limitations by harnessing the power of the crowd.

Impact Reporting

Report and share sustainability journey with stakeholders - communities, individuals, corporates, regulators and employees for a positive social impact.


Accelerate Economic Growth with SYNE



Seamlessly analyze impact with artificial intelligence.



Sustainability rooted in scientific methodologies.



Optimize your impact and offset with engagements.

Collectively create our Sustainable Future

We cannot create a sustainable world all alone, we need communities to collectively work towards building a better future for generations.

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Sustainability is more than just looking through the Environmental, Social and Governance lens. We need a broader vision to solve some of the most challenging issues on our planet. It all starts with our own human behavior – consumption, spending, investments and the influence on our communities.

The impact we create as individuals is not limited and depends on our treatment of diversity, inclusion, racial and social justice. We can influence the ways our time and savings can be invested in socially responsible investing that are more sustainable, responsible and impact linked.

Built for your success, with accountability.


SYNE Pledge

SYNE has pledged 2% of our licenses, employee time and financial profits to create sustainable social impact.


Sustainable Goals

Share your sustainability journey with stakeholders based on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Our Coverage

SYNE operates in 7 countries across 4 continents with direct market engagements for social impact.



SYNE Supports financial transactions in over 135+ currencies through trusted, safe and secure payment networks.

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Join us in solving humanity’s biggest challenges through sustainability technologies. Collectively we can change this World.

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About SYNE

SYNE is the world's first 360° platform which analyzes, measures, optimizes, benchmark and offsets emissions using financial and social technologies.

SYNE Careers

SYNE is yet to spread its wings – we are on a growth trajectory with a growing team of talented individuals, dedicated to our philosophy.