Accelerate Growth with Sustainability

Accelerate economic growth with an easy to use artificial intelligence powered technology platform which is safe, secure and scalable in the cloud infrastructure to analyze, measure, optimize and benchmark your sustainability impact.

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Synergizing Technology with Sustainability

Join a growing group of ambitious organizations focused on balancing people and the planet for prosperity through new technologies, products and services which will be faster, more convenient and affordable. We connect all your sustainability stakeholders to make it accountable, responsible and transparent through our comprehensive technology platform.


SYNE seamlessly analyzes your environmental, social, governance, risk management, investment and impact journey using our AI/ML based platform.


SYNE helps in measuring your sustainability impact with reliable and transparent data assets which are rooted in scientific and evidence based methodologies.


SYNE helps optimize your impact value chain to reduce the ESG footprint, accelerate growth through new opportunities and strategies for green shift.


SYNE Index, our patent pending data science driven benchmarking methodology to identify sustainability ranking for suppliers and businesses across industries.

Your Partner for Balancing People, Planet and Prosperity

To accelerate your business journey with sustainability, you need an expert technology partner like SYNE. We help you understand where your emissions are and optimize it based on your supply chains. SYNE helps you enable
economic growth with significant cost advantage, integrated supplier management, through our data
driven platform for a net positive change.

Carbon Accounting

Measure your business carbon footprint based on spend, activities or hybrid to understand where your emissions come from to comply with legislation.

Scientific Methods

Ensure accurate measurement for sustainability, guiding decisions towards ecological balance, resource efficiency, and long-term environmental viability.

Emissions Management

Purchase from high-potential carbon removal companies to offset your business emissions or accelerate your carbon credits to trade against future demand.

Supplier Management

Offset your carbon emissions seamlessly with carbon storage suppliers or based on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in auto-pilot.

Carbon Markets

Assess sustainability related financial and market risk using our data driven methodologies to improve the current practices on investments and portfolios.

Sustainability Reporting

Report and share your sustainability journey with your stakeholders like investors, customers, employees, regulators and communities for a positive social impact.

Join the growing group of ambitious businesses

Sustainability initiatives are a reflection of what you have analyzed and measured on your
emission calculations. It directly impacts your legal compliance, finances, brand equity,
and employees. You need an accountable, responsible and transparent platform like SYNE
to ensure the results are trustworthy.

Businesses estimate an average error rate of 30 to 40% in their emissions measurements.
The accuracy gap is a bigger concern for the industries and businesses as it is one of the
five most common greenwashing traps. Businesses definitely need a platform like SYNE for
comprehensive measurement, accurate carbon accounting and options for emissions offset.

Why is Sustainability Measurement Important?

Analyzing and measuring your carbon emissions is the first step towards the sustainability goal. Businesses should be able to switch from greenhouse gas emissions hotspots to lower emission methods for consumption to production or materials. Enterprise businesses, who have thousands of suppliers face significant difficulties measuring the sustainable value chain emissions. Majority of these emissions originate in the supply chain and you need data assets and methodologies to effectively measure.

SYNE platform automated the sustainability measurement and offset process to save time, money with no extra efforts to get the right data assets and methodologies. Our artificial intelligence and machine learning methodologies help you identify the big emitters and the best high impact reductions. To create a sustainable value chain - you need a technology partner to analyze, measure, optimize and benchmark your actions. Join SYNE to start your sustainability journey for accelerating economic growth.

Ready to Accelerate?

Join SYNE to quantify the business impacts on society, economy based on your production, consumption, risks, investments and offset your footprint to decarbonize for a green economy.

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Supplier Management

SYNE helps in identifying prospective impact investing opportunities for founders and investors with a passion for building sustainable future innovations.

Impact Investing

Collectively, we can generate net positive, social and environmental impact along with financial returns through investments that have long term impact.