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Accelerate your climate impact through carbon offsets or credits. Effortlessly purchase or sell an affordable, science-backed portfolio of carbon credits with SYNE.

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Supercharge your climate action with SYNE Carbon

Utilize carbon offsets and credits to swiftly accelerate environmental impact, offsetting emissions and supporting sustainability efforts for a cleaner future. Empower your climate efforts with a supercharged approach.


SYNE helps in measuring your sustainability impact with reliable and transparent data assets which are rooted in scientific and evidence based methodologies.


Identify and effectively manage your greenhouse gas emissions hotspots from carbon accounting to optimize high social impact actions for emission reduction.


Offset your business carbon emissions effortlessly by employing strategies encompassing emission reduction, conservation, capture and storage using short and long term approaches.


Report and share your sustainability journey with your stakeholders like investors, customers, employees, regulators and communities for a positive social impact.

Build your Carbon Strategy, rooted in scientific methodologies.

Craft a robust Carbon Strategy founded on rigorous scientific methods. Tailor solutions to your unique
footprint, leveraging data-driven insights for impactful sustainability. From assessment to action, forge a
path aligned with environmental goals, ensuring a greener future through informed, strategic decisions.

Emission Reduction

Cutting emissions from standard practices to reduce environmental impact through renewable energy, eliminate vented refrigerants, and capture landfill methane.


Engage in projects preserving natural carbon storage, like rainforests facing development or peat bogs threatened by agriculture, safeguarding vital carbon sinks.

Capture and Storage

Enable industrial carbon capture to collect emissions from specific sources and store it for mitigating environmental impact and ensuring containment.

Climate APIs

Unique solution for programmatic carbon impact, integrating our API for user-friendly experiences tailored to your product vision's accessibility.


Linking buyers aiming to offset their carbon footprint with verified credit sellers, it encourages sustainability by incentivizing greenhouse gas emission reductions.

Credits Traceability

Trace your Carbon Credits, ensuring authenticity, origin, and impact on reducing emissions through comprehensive verification of their lifecycle.

Start estimating your Climate Emissions, today.

Many of your actions like travel, shipping, and office work generate greenhouse gas emissions affecting
climate change. Begin by assessing your emissions to reduce your impact, offsetting unavoidable
emissions to reduce your carbon footprint.

How shifting from ICE to Electric Fleet helped an Airport?

The shift toward electric fleets played a pivotal role in curbing carbon emissions. By replacing traditional
fossil fuel-powered vehicles with electric alternatives, it slashed tailpipe emissions, significantly reducing
greenhouse gases. This shift not only aids in meeting sustainability goals but also sets the stage for a
cleaner, more environmentally conscious aviation and transportation sector.

What is Carbon Sequestration?

Carbon sequestration is the process of capturing and storing carbon dioxide (CO2) to prevent it from entering the atmosphere. Natural processes and technologies capture CO2 from the atmosphere or industrial sources, storing it in plants, soil, oceans, geological formations, or other reservoirs, thus reducing the concentration of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere.

How Carbon Capture and Storage is helping Climate Change?

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) stands as a pivotal climate change solution by capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from power plants and industries, preventing their release into the atmosphere. This process significantly reduces greenhouse gas levels, curbing global temperature rise. CCS facilitates a transition to cleaner energy by allowing continued fossil fuel use with minimal environmental impact. It addresses challenges in decarbonizing industries and complements efforts to offset hard-to-eliminate emissions, aiding in the fight against climate change.

Ready for Carbon Insights?

Sign up at SYNE today to get insights into carbon emissions to make informed decisions, shaping sustainable practices for a greener future.

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Report and share your sustainability journey with your stakeholders like investors, customers, employees, regulators and communities for a positive social impact.

Supplier Management

Analyze and measure your business impact based on suppliers, supply chains, products and services you consume with SYNE Index, our data driven benchmarking methodology.