Collectively we can change this World

Manage and optimize your sustainability offset with social impact projects, challenges, community engagements and events based on sustainable development goals or based on your choices with employee engagement in auto-pilot.

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We’re SYNE, the Borderless Social Impact Platform

SYNE enables sustainable development opportunities across the social spectrum to support positive impact activities to motivate people and communities for better productivity and social innovation. We are focused on solving some of the biggest challenges in the world by connecting intelligent communities to accelerate our mission.

Projects and Challenges

SYNE connects you with communities, problem solvers and change makers for innovative projects, challenges and enables you to collaborate across networks.

Employee Engagement

Identify employee engagement opportunities with impact organizations and communities with a sustainability focus to strengthen your social relationships.

Impact Index

SYNE impact scoring is derived from your actions and helps in the creation of positive social impact across your communities as well as within the organization.

Sustainable Communities

SYNE connects you with social citizens and organizations, enabling self-sustainable communities to carry out projects, challenges, and events for social development.

Measure your Social Impact in autopilot using AI

Measure your social impact seamlessly in autopilot – saving energy, reducing waste, creating community
impact, poverty eradication, urban planning, financial inclusion and choosing sustainable products.
SYNE makes social impact accessible, inclusive, and meaningful for all stakeholders to
accelerate sustainability around the world.


Measure your environmental impacts through greenhouse gas emissions, consumption, production and materials to create strategies for a green shift.


Enable employees and community engagements to create sustainable impact to reduce modern slavery, child labour, discrimination for an inclusive world.


Optimize governance practices to reduce corruption, bribery, money laundering, misleading communications and improve gender parity for equity.


Measure and optimize your investments through the impact lens and shift focus to sustainable investment portfolios to accelerate sustainable growth.


Many of your actions adversely impact the planet - SYNE helps attain sustainable consumption doing more with less, creating a driving force for a circular economy.

Climate Change

Be the change catalyst to make societies and people more resilient through the transition on decarbonisation for a green economy to accelerate sustainability.

Determine your impact to offset

We engage people, communities and organizations to design, engineer and deploy sustainable
solutions for the future. Collectively, we can create exponential change through impact
engagements by synergizing ideas.

Sustainable Consumption for a Green Planet

Each year, an estimated one third of all food produced, equivalent to 1.3 billion tonnes
is destined to rot in consumers and retailers bins or gets spoiled due to poor transportation
and harvesting practices. Once the global population reaches 9.6 billion by 2050, the
equivalent of almost three planets could be required to provide the natural resources
needed to sustain current lifestyles.

What is Social Impact?

Social impact is the net effect of any positive change that solves or addresses a social challenge in a community for the well-being of people and the planet. Collectively, our small changes in daily life can make a big impact on our environment and ecosystems. We can achieve positive change through impact projects, challenges, events and in our personal preferences of products and services.

Sustainable impact engagements have a competitive advantage and advocating the efforts are not one-off. Almost 90% of millennials wish to switch for a cause-branded product when choosing between two brands of equal quality and price, and 51% of global consumers will pay extra for products and services committed to positive social and environmental impact.

Why SYNE Social Impact Platform?

SYNE provides you with the necessary technology tools to measure and optimize social impact - tools that help in setting targets, offset emissions and in the creation of a positive impact flow. Social Impact journey is often a complex value chain which requires accountability, responsibility and transparency.

Ready to enable Change?

Sign up at SYNE today to get started with your Social Impact journey and leverage the power of artificial intelligence to automate your impact projects, challenges and events with a positive sustainability impact measurement.

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Report and share sustainability journey with stakeholders like investors, customers, employees, regulators and communities for a positive social impact.

Impact Investing

Collectively, we can generate a net positive social and environmental impact with financial returns through long term impact investments.