Developing the World by
Developing the People

A holistic form of development is required in the social, economic, and environmental conditions, as it is necessary for an entire community to thrive. SYNE collaborates with corporates and not-for-profit organisations to ensure the holistic and sustainable development of people, the community, and the environment.

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Improving the Quality of Life through Continuous Constructive Efforts

The world has made significant progress since the 1980s to improve the living conditions of the underprivileged through the consistent efforts of individuals, not-for-profit organisations, corporates, and other funding bodies. So, the idea counts. SYNE helps you convert your innovative and noble ideas into reality by helping you obtain the resources required to implement your project.

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Hunger & Poverty

500 million people around the world would live in extreme poverty in the year 2030.

Lives in the Dark

About 1.2 billion people still live without energy - mostly in Sub Saharan Africa and Asia.

Not a Drop to Drink

785 million people don’t have access to water, it is the best investment to improve human life on earth.

Earth is Melting, Not Cool

The world emits 50 billion tonnes
of greenhouse gas emissions each

Let’s join hands to share ideas and resources for a better future!

SYNE help you collaborate with implementing agencies and funding bodies to implement a project
that aims to better humanity.

Quality Healthcare

SYNE supports projects that work towards improving the healthcare system and its accessibility to all, as it is essential for the holistic development of humanity.

Affordable Housing

SYNE collaborates with organisations to provide shelter for individuals and families. As of 2020, 156 million people are without homes.


SYNE works towards protecting
biodiversity and recreate depleted resources, which are necessary for
cleaner air to breathe.

Sustainable Agriculture

SYNE with its partners support and
develop a sustainable farming world, as
it is crucial in developing a country’s economy.

Self-sufficient Communities

SYNE, with social enterprises, carries out projects to develop self-sustainable communities, as it warrants improved human and environmental health.

Marine Resources

SYNE and their partners develop scientific and enduring solutions to protect marine organisms from exploitation and marine pollution.

Let’s Grow Together

Incubators, accelerators, early-stage investors who help entrepreneurs and high-growth
start-ups - we would love to explore ways of working together. The same goes for those
building something new and looking for unique ways to partner with SYNE. We would
like to hear from you.

Vivent Foundation adopts direct as well as recurring payment methods to raise funds for its social impact projects. Vivent makes use of the social giving network to manage subscriptions and transactions as well as to view detailed financial reports directly from the dashboard.

Collectively we can Transform our World!

We play the role of a catalyst in facilitating interactions between organisations to produce an effect that is greater than the sum of the individual results. SYNE envisages, ‘A better living planet!’ We strive to achieve this by synergizing human-machine brilliance and collective intelligence.

Water is Evaporating from our Lives!

Access to safe water can turn our critical problems including, depleting health and lack of education into the potential for overall growth.
Clean and safe water is essential to human survival; however, the reality of its accessibility is shocking. SYNE works with several other organisations to ensure that individuals can access as well as afford clean water.

Tensions Rises while Earth Falls

The current experiences of rising temperature, rainfall, and sea level could have drastic impacts on human health. As per the data collected by the World Bank, it was found that more than 100 million people may return to extreme poverty by 2030 if adequate action would not be taken.
Join hands with SYNE to save our planet, to save humanity!

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Education & Innovation

Education is fundamental to self- respect, unlocks the imagination, liberates the intellect and opens a world of opportunities.

Financial Inclusion

We need to promote sustainable financial technologies and ensure equal and universal access to information and financial markets.